Ethics… morals… what’s the difference?

I was talking with a coworker about the difference between ethics and morality.

He proposed the idea that ethics are a scientific study of what is right and what is wrong. Since ethics are thus objective and unswayed by culture due to their basis in science, obviously they are different beasts entirely compared to morals.

I have to disagree. I didn’t get a chance to discuss this further with him, but upon reflection I realized the hole in his argument.

You can’t scientifically determine what is right.

You can vote on a code of ethics, sure. But to say that you can determine the laws of ethics using the scientific method, to hold the opinion that ethics are in fact a natural law… Well, that’s impossible to do. You can’t perform an experiment to test ethics. Who is to say that stealing is ethically wrong? If you take something that is not necessary for life, is it wrong? You can’t test to see if ethics effect anything.

His postulation is not consistent with his atheistic worldview. If you can’t test something to be true, the only way you can determine truth or falsehood is to have a greater authority tell you. 

That would be God.

Here’s my opinion: Morals are the natural laws set in place by our Creator to enable us to live in harmony. Ethics are the rules we make for ourselves to push away God’s authority in our lives.

Traditional Marriage is NOT a war on LGBT.

Guys, traditional marriage doesn’t mean “anti-gay”. It means that one believes in marriage according to Biblical principles: No sex before marriage, 1 man & 1 woman making a lifetime committment to stay together, resolving to raise their kids according to God’s Word. 

So saying that someone who believes in traditional marriage is a gay-hater also indicates that you believe they hate divorced people, non-christian families, anyone who has had sex before marriage, etc. 

Frankly, that’s all a load of crap.

I’m pro-“Traditional Marriage”. That means I made personal choices and am choosing to live my life the way I think is right. 

Those who have voted against allowing the definition of marriage to change to “any two human beings” aren’t anti-gay; they’re simply people who want the definition of marriage remain as intended by it’s Creator.

Hope that clears a few things up. Now, can we focus our rage on the folks actually hurting other people? No one likes that.

Rant: Pro-Choice

A post that made it’s way to Imgur got me pretty heated this morning.It’s an older gentleman protesting abortion, while a woman holds a sign indicating her position on the matter: pregnancy is annoying, so abortion is a good answer for women.

Let’s strip it down to the bare arguments used in this argument:

  • Pro-Choice: It’s my body, I can do what I want with it.
  • Pro-Life: It’s a human being growing inside you that deserves a chance at life.

No matter how you slice it, those are the basic arguments used by both groups. Now, of course there are more arguments beyond those. For instance, rape.

Rape is often brought up in pro-choice arguments. After all, the woman didn’t consent to the sex, and therefore shouldn’t be responsible for the child that resulted. While I certainly have sympathy for victims of rape, and consider the rapists among the lowest scum in society, this is not a convincing argument for me. The baby did nothing wrong, the woman did nothing wrong. This is the rapist’s fault and judgement should not be rendered on the baby. These cases are terrible situations, but death is no answer. I certainly know enough people who would love to adopt(my in-laws adopted 3 children). While there is no easy answer, killing a child does not make it any better.

Another point I’ve seen raised in defense of abortion is to keep a child with physical or mental defects from becoming a burden on the family. I throw this stupid point in the trash where it belongs. EVERY human has the right to life, granted by our Creator and protected by our nation’s laws. If we can rationalize killing babies with defects, then what of the elderly? The sick? Should cancer patients be euthanized when it is clear they have little chance of surviving? NO. Do not even try to push this argument, it’s absolutely ridiculous and brings to mind Hitler’s attempts to build a “master race”. Disgusting.

The last, and most prevalent point I wish to discuss regarding the Pro-Choice circle is this: entitlement. Here’s where “choice” really becomes the issue. Let’s work through this together: Two people have sex. One of them, a woman, gets pregnant.

That’s it. That’s how sex has worked since creation. So how on earth does anyone think they can have sex whenever, with whoever, and not expect to eventually get pregnant? Sure, go on birth control, wear protection, etc. But the function of sex is to reproduce. You’re kidding yourself if you think you can get away with it without bearing the consequence: Childbearing.

The real problem here is a loss of personal responsibility as our population grows more and more entitled. My generation asks why the government doesn’t give us free healthcare, pay for our college degrees, pay us a minimum wage above what I make working overtime for HP, etc. Occupy wallstreet was an eye-opener to see just how far my generation has gone toward expecting others to make their life easy.

Sorry folks, but that isn’t going to happen. Back to the point of this article. You’re responsible for yourself. Often, it isn’t easy. I wish there was an easy answer, but that’s life. And taking the life of someone else to make your own easier is despicable. Don’t try to excuse your way out of it. Don’t refer to a growing baby as a “fetus”. It’s a human being, awarded the same rights our constitution awards every other human being in the USA.


Darling, didn’t you know 
That you never had to worry? 
Darling, didn’t you know 
That I’ve always been here for you? 
Though your heart’s been broken 
Though I know, this time you’re scared 
I’ll heal your heart 
I’ll dry your tears 
I’ve always been your hero 
Darling, you can trust me 
I know that you’ve been hurt 
Darling, you’re safe with me 
I’ll protect your heart from harm 
Though your heart’s been broken 
Though I know, this time you’re scared 
I’ll heal your heart 
I’ll dry your tears 
I’ve always been your hero 
Darling, you know I told you 
That I’ll never ever leave you 
Darling, you know I told you 
I’ll keep all bad things from you 
Though your heart’s been broken 
Though I know, this time you’re scared 
I’ll heal your heart 
I’ll dry your tears 
I’ve always been your hero 
Darling, I still stand with you 
After all others fall away 
Darling, hold my hand 
It’s strong to protect you 
Though your heart’s been broken 
Though I know, this time you’re scared 
I’ll heal your heart 
I’ll dry your tears 
I’ve always been your hero 
And when the tears, they came 
And when your heart was broken 
I was there with you 
There to protect you 
There to hold you 
There to love you 
I’ll always be 
Your Hero. 

Well sheesh…

I suppose one of these days I’m going to sit down and begin writing consistently again.

Anyway, here’s what’s new.

HP hired me on as a fulltime employee! That’s great because I’m actually going somewhere with my career now, plus I get better insurance which the fiance is gonna like once she’s not my fiance but my wife cuz it’ll be great for her. Oh yes, and dope discounts like 30% at Tucanos, or 15% at T-Mobile, or yeah, stuff. 

I’M GETTING MARRIED! 65 days… But who’s counting? I’m marrying the wonderful Natasha Crane, and am getting pretty excited. 

I’ve got a Nexus One. I’ve wanted one longer than I’ve known my fiance, which is weird. Plus I got one before I married her, since we’re not married yet but will be soon.

I’m selling my EeePC 1015PN. I love it, but it’s just not as useful to me as it was. Plus I want a tablet.


I just got Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. Gonna read it to Tasha because it’s one of my favorite books evar!

I just realized that I need to really do some organizing in my online life, particularly my domains and subscriptions and such. Gonna slowly cut down on my accounts, kill as many as possible. Just don’t need all of them dontcha know.

Did I mention I love legal pads?

Oh yes, and I get Wednesdays off work. Pretty sweet.

Well, enough of this. Bedtime, then maybe tomorrow I’ll put an hour or two into my writing. Possibly a well thought out blog post on proper dress for christians?

For Sale: Nook Color by B&N - $150

The time has come to part with my Nook Color… Because I’m buying a Nook Tablet!

Don’t worry about condition; I take great care of my gadgets! My fiance bought it from B&N via their eBay store, but thankfully is quite glad to let me sell it so I can upgrade. Even though she doesn’t understand my gadget-y ways. =]

Pictures after the jump!

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My friends, I have a question to ask. Why does man crave great things? I do not refer to large houses, expensive art, or nice cars. I refer to the great things of the natural world. The Ocean. The Mountains. Things that show man how truly small he is. How little he can really affect his world. Yes, there are some who attempt to tame the ocean, to conquer the mountains. But do they succeed? No.The ocean is still there, powerful and stronger than anything we could invent. The mountains still stand tall, unshakeable, surrounding us with their majesty. Though man can scale these giants, can we change anything about them? No, we can’t. They are greater than we are.

How does man respond to their relative tininess? Some men seek out ways to gain power, to make themselves seem more important. But at the end of their life, what have they gained? Nothing. All the power and importance they gained during their visit here on earth is left at the door. They will be judged according to the most important choice in this life. Whether they chose God, or self.

Yet, there are others, men who realize that they don’t need to feel important. God created each and every one of us. In His arms, man doesn’t need to be great, because we are His children. That is all that matters.

To me, the ocean is not a beast to be tamed. The mountains are not enemies to be conquered. Instead, they are pictures of the greatness, the splendor, the majesty, and the immeasurable Love of my Lord. He is our Creator. He is all powerful, without Him there is nothing. When I see the ocean, I see the indefinable depth of God’s Love for me. When I see the mountain ranges, I see God’s arms surrounding me, protecting me.

Isn’t it better to rely on God’s strength, and trust Him? He gave His precious Son to die for us, so that we might live, if we only trust in, and rely on, His Love. He will not fail us, why should we fail Him? Don’t rely on your own strength. In the end, nothing you can do will save you. Allow God to guide you along your path. You won’t be disappointed.

Information Age: Is Google the one to yell at?

Been reading up a little bit on Google’s new TOS. And I don’t get what the big deal is. 

As I understand it, Google is simply stating that they are using the data that they have on you in one service to pad what they have about you in another. Now, maybe I’m a little naive, but I assumed that’s what they had been doing ever since  got my first gMail address back in 2005. More after the jump!

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Mistborn: Elend and Vin, artist’s rendering.

Mistborn: Elend and Vin, artist’s rendering.

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